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History – Over a century of experience and expertise.


Magelys transforms every trip into an unforgettable pleasant experience by means of its High Value contents.

Designed for national and international lines, tourist transport, shuttle services and VIP clubs transfers, Magelys is a coach that endorses the spirit of travelling everywhere in the most comfortable and safest way.

Magelys is offered only in Euro VI and in two lengths: 12.2 m and 12.8 m.

3 versions are available: Magelys Line for line mission, regional, national and international lines, Magelys Pro for tourism missions and Magelys Lounge for grand tourism missions.

Thanks to its advanced technologies, combining elegance, modernity and practicality, Magelys was awarded the “International Coach of the Year 2016”. Its stylish look, high comfort and advanced safety systems, convinced and conquered the jury, formed by senior journalists from 22 European leading bus and coach industry publications. The quality of its equipment, low maintenance requirements, fuel saving HI-SCR technology and optimum price-to-quality ratio also contributed to this outstanding achievement.

Improve the quality of life and travel of your passengers.
Welcome them on board of Magelys: the Coach of the Year 2016.


Crossway can easily satisfy all customer needs in every passenger transport mission thanks to its versatility and variety of available versions.

Designed for interurban and school transport, Crossway is a reliable and universal hard worker whose amazing qualities have made it the most sold intercity vehicle in Europe.

Crossway in Low entry version guarantees excellent and easy accessibility for passengers getting on and off the vehicle thanks to the low floor part between the front and the middle door.

Depending on the market requirements, Crossway and Crossway Low Entry are equiped with engines meeting Euro VI and also Euro III – Euro V / EEV standards.

Our intercity range offer consists also Arway, available only in Euro III and Euro V. This interurban coach is the perfect answer for those who need a vehicle dedicated to regional route services or for those who want a mixed mission vehicle.

In Euro III and Euro V/EEV, Crossway and Arway and are available in 10.7, 12.0 and 12.8 metres.

In Euro VI, vehicles lengths have been extended to 10.8m, 12.1m and 13.0m, meaning even higher comfort both for the driver and passengers on board.


Our city buses, only available in Euro VI, offer lengths, engines and seats implantations that can meet all the companies’ and public transport users’ needs, in terms of accessibility, cost and sustainability, for a better mobility.


Urbanway represents the latest generation of city buses and the first milestone in our Euro VI range. It is characterized by high standards in terms of comfort for passengers and driver, capacity, choice of length, propulsion system, internal layout and profitability.

This accessibility model is available in 10.5m, 12m and 18m with 2, 3 or 4 doors.

The rich offer of transmissions consists of Diesel (Tector 7 and Cursor 9), CNG (Cursor 8) and Full Hybrid (Tector 7).


Crealis is available in Diesel Euro VI (Tector 7 and Cursor 9) and also in CNG (Cursor 8) and Hybrid versions (Tector 7).

Crealis is offered in 12 and 18m lengths.

Специализиран транспорт


The Daily minibus has been fully redesigned to take on a whole dimension of comfort, style and outstanding performance. Its innovative design strives to meet customer expectations;

Its surprising features includes interior and exterior design, space with outstanding load capacity and unprecedented versatility, improved comfort of the driver’s cockpit and passenger lounge, new 8-speed Hi-Matic automatic transmission and emission levels that comply with the Euro VI standard and Euro III version for extra European markets.

The 3 versions of Daily Minibus, Daily Tourys, Line and Citys, are the right choice for tourist, interurban and urban missions. Daily Minibus is available with 3 types of engines: Diesel, Natural Power CNG and Electric.


Iveco Power Daily, featuring Euro II and Euro III engines, is the minibus dedicated to the extra-European markets.

Combining outstanding sturdiness, reliability and built to European quality standards, Iveco Power Daily is engineered for peak performance in every condition of use, leveraging all available Iveco technology in terms of performance and safety.

The impressive array of standard equipment includes electric windows, radio/CD and Air Conditioning system.

Power Daily is offered in three lengths: 4.8m, 6m and 7m.